Are you really in control of your life?

What does ‘control of your life’ mean anyways?

Some of your most important needs in life are:

  • water for hydration
  • food for nutrition
  • shelter for protection
  • planning for the future (retirement)
  • health & wellness

Consider this for just a moment:

Water for hydration

If you are like most people you probably pay your water bill so every time you turn on the water faucet in your home, water comes out.

But what happens when that water doesn’t come out or is contaminated? If you think it would never happen, just ask the folks in Flint, Michigan.

Food for nutrition

Or maybe you work hard and earn a decent salary so you are able to buy food in order to receive the nutrition that your body needs to be fueled and remain healthy.

But what happens when there is a social panic and you can no longer find meat in the grocery stores or if the grocery stores simply run out of food and/or close their doors?

Shelter for protection

Surely part of that hard work has earned you the right to take out a mortgage on a decent home which is your safe haven and shelter.

But what happens when you lose your job or there is an economic crisis like the 2008 economic crash or the early 2020 corona virus panic that stopped the country from working and you are unable to pay your mortgage?

Planning for the future (retirement)

What are you going to do when you are 55+ years old and not as good as you once were?

Do you have a plan to build wealth so you can provide for yourself and not be a burden on your family or even worse, rely on the government for your well-being?

Remember Y2K, when the country went into a panic because the world was going to end? Well, the world didn’t end and that was 20 years ago. It comes fast…

Health & Wellness

Maybe you eat healthy food, exercise and do all the things that they say you should do in order to remain healthy (who are ‘they’ anyways?).

But what happens when buying “organic” food simply means it was “grown” organically but when sold to vendors and retailers, chemicals are sprayed on them in order to preserve them and you are still poisoning your body?

Think this is a little overboard in thinking? Just look at the dramatic increase in cancer, heart disease and other illnesses in America over the past 50 years. It’s alarming…

Think about that for a while. We will write more soon…